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Who are we ?

We are diverse team that,
Has reliable experience in Egyptian pharmaceutical market
Got Talents in art and innovation
Passionate to enlighten people in their journey with disease



We believe that we could get sick at any time in our lives; we accordingly take the responsibility towards people.


We believe in doing business through applying best practice and high level of execution.


We make our judgments and consequently our decisions guided by moral values and ethical standards to do the right thing in the right time for the right reasons.


We believe in the power of innovation to change the world.

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To enlighten people and communicate health in Egypt.

website service

To support healthcare stakeholders in communicating patient awareness and education about diseases, their management and complications.
This is executed through deployment of art in pharmaceutical and medical communications.
Aiming to improve health, quality of life and aids in disease management.

Whom do we serve?

We offer quality and innovative medical and pharmaceutical communication solutions, which mainly serve:

website service

Pharmaceutical Companies

In reinforcing the quality of delivery of marketing message to customers, increase the reach, supporting the integration for more communication tools , and aids in effectively operating under pressure of lower expenses and competition

Healthcare Stakeholders

In communicating medical and pharmaceutical information to target audience in more effective way, reinforcing the patient awareness and education, supporting the management of disease and their complication

What do we provide?

Quality and innovative communication solutions in various purposes; especially Educational, Illustrative, Marketing and purposes, through diverse communication channels.
Our communication solutions are based on innovative deployment of art in communication through Videos, Audios, Short movies, Documentary movies, Commercial Ads, Animations, Infograghics, Plays, Stand up modules, Sitcoms, Photography, Drawing activities.

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Short Movies
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Documentary Movies
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Animation Movies
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Stand Up Modules
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Drawings Activities
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Commercial Ads
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Contact Us Drop Us a Message

Please feel free to contact us, our staff is devoted to serve you.

76th. Ali ben abitaleb St., Hadaba wosta, Mokattam, Cairo.


(002) 02 2725 4251

(002) 0111 100 5503